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Can`t find my site on google in a midsize market

I have had my website published for 90 days and can`t even find it on google in a midsize market. I have location citations and some back linking currently. Any suggestions?


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  • Alan Bleiweiss: I`m confused. You have only one physical address, yet you want to be found in several different cities or towns, and yet you don`t have a very strong site from an SEO perspective? Need more information. Because when I search "ASAP Plumbing Omaha", you show up. So what do you want to be found for, and under what circumstances?
  • Matt Swanson: I am trying to rank for plumbing or plumber Omaha. No where to be found in searching for these words.
  • Matt Swanson: Thank you for the response
  • Alan Bleiweiss: Matt you want to be found for one of the most heavily competitive phrases in the country, specific to a geographic location that is not insignificant. You`re going to need to do a LOT of work to eventually get found in organic results and in the map top listings for those phrases. And it`s not going to happen easily or on the cheap.
  • Alan Bleiweiss: A quick search revealed to me there are many plumbers in Omaha. One site has a list "top 20 plumbers in Omaha". Another has "top 30 plumbers in Omaha". I assure you, like it or not, you`re up against a lot of competition, well established other sites and businesses, many of whom are almost certainly in a situation where their sites have much stronger content than your site, many more inbound links pointing to their sites than yours, and strong local business citations across the internet. So I suggest you contact an agency that specializes in local SEO, to help you if you want to succeed with this. And it needs to be a very trustworthy agency. Nifty Marketing is one such agency. Arsen Rabinovich from TopHat Rank is another. Or a consultant with high trust could help - like Andrew Shotland. Or Casey Markee might be able to help.
  • Alan Bleiweiss: And there`s probably some highly trustworthy and experienced people who specialize in local SEO right in this group as well.
  • Roger Montti: It would probably be *helpful* if you added NE or Nebraska to your title tag so that it can be 100% certain that Omaha refers to the city is not part of your name, etc. It`s not critical, but it`s helpful. The title tag on your home page is created for search engines. Rewrite it so that it makes sense for a user. The word plumbing doesn`t need to be there twice for the user, right? You have zero structured data markup on the site. While it`s not supposed to help you rank, it WILL communicate your location and what you are and what you do. Very important. Are you a member of your local chamber of commerce? Judging from that you still have some work to do.
  • Mike Stewart: Also, it isn`t best to use H tags for styling... markdown syntax or keeping the one h1, 2 H2, 3or more H3 rule might help a little.
  • Tom Gooden: This needs a lot of work my man. I see 10+ things right off the bat that should be improved.
  • Jody Nesbitt: what search terms are you checking on, are you doing independant third party checks or from your own pc, have you checked competition for those keywords you want to rank for, have you done any offsite SEO, hve you done any onsite seo

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