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Keywords in domain names


I have a question about keywords in domain names.

I had previously understood that having a keyword in a domain name could help but I didn`t know that putting not owned brand names was also a correct way to do it.

I would need a general answer to a specific case: in Mexico there is a website working very well for any query about "dhl" and this domain name is paqueteriadhl.com.mx.

Now the same guys of paqueteriadhl.com have released paqueteriaredpack.com.mx and they are also ranking great for anything about redpack.

This is obviously a great technic to have content rank high in Google (in Mexico at least).

So, is this a SEO bug or is this correct to use not owned brand names in our domain names to rank higher?

There are still many domains to buy like this: paqueteriafedex.com.mx, paqueteriaups.com.mx, etc etc etc

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  • Masatake Wasa (wasaweb): <div jsname="ndVxLd" data-id="z12dgnta5k2wxlpbe04cefvilvngixjw1rc0k#1513734263954437">I agree with ‚Äč. Concentrate on what people are looking for and meet their needs through the services and information you offer on your site. You can talk about different companies on your site and rank for such brand search terms without using them as part of the domain name.

    Another potential issue / risk with those kinds of names is the use of trademark of third parties in the URIs.

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