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Ho to get categorized search result in google?

How to achieve Site Structure like this in Google. I just know it can be done via Sitemap submission i don`t know how ? Some people say use data highlighter, well i really don`t know how to use that. Some people say Google does it by itself when site gets trusted or old, but one of my friend did it on his domain in less than a week(don`t ask me to ask him, he won`t tell).Can someone guide properly with reasons ?

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  • JL Faverio: Some friend!
  • Jason Mun: Those are called Sitelinks. There are no gmmicks or tricks to trigger those. Just good ol fashion information architecture optimisation. Ensure that your pages are grouped in to logical topics and nested properly with intuitive URL structures. That then naturally translates in to an intuitive menu structure for the website. Google then uses clickstream (don`t quote me on this) data to determine which popular pages to include in the sitelinks.
  • Gerry White: Yep - damn things are not controllable in any way, you can’t fix them if they’re bad... internal/homepage links is the only solution
  • Dawn Anderson: Important information for users will be naturally unearthed for these sitelinks. Think about what matters most to users and present / link / structure it well
  • Michael Martinez: Often times the sitelinks are taken directly from main site navigation, but other things can trigger them. Sitelinks are often contextual to the query as well.
  • Sandisile Mbatha: Are sitelinks easy to get for a wordpress blog

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