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Does google penalise you u for having site lockers?

Does google penalise you u for having site lockers
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  • Steve Gerencser: Google doesn`t actually have very many "penalties", what most people refer to as a penalty is really a filter or just don`t rank well and have to blame something on why they fail.
  • Gerry White: dumb question - site lockers ?
  • David Ogletree: I`m on board with Google being evil and would not put it past them if they were doing this.
  • Alan Bleiweiss: Ste, I`m impressed that you have been doing web development since 2010. I started doing web development in 1995. Good to know we`re both experienced. Your arrogance in believing you have a magic solution that even Google, with their hundreds of developers, can`t discover is astounding though. Yet it`s no surprise since you apparently live in a blackhat box.
  • David Ogletree: Man I really miss good debate as in I like this. Have not seen a good debate in a whle
  • Alan Bleiweiss: And just because your sites haven`t been detected, does not mean Google hasn`t hit other sites for it. Or that Google won`t hit your sites in the near future.
  • Steve Gerencser: We wrote our first `robust` cloaking tool in 97 or 98 I think. It came complete with an admin interface so that the clients could just enter a list of keywords and the tool would generate all the pages with horrible content keyed for specific search engines since they each had their own rules. It rocked for about 2 years, maybe three. Then it kept getting harder and harder to stay ahead of the engines and we mothballed the whole thing in 99. I sort of miss those days.
  • David Ogletree: I miss the early 2000`s I made so much money doing blackhat.
  • Alan Bleiweiss: LOL I hit one out of the ballpark for a legal site just a decade ago with hidden links generated by the tens of thousands over just a couple weeks. It`s not like black hat hasn`t ever worked, or that black hat can`t still work in some situations. It`s just too toxic to answer a question in THIS group with a generic "no worries, you`re safe" response. Because such a basic, non-nuanced response is bullshit. And dangerous.
  • David Ogletree: Just to be clear there is no blackhat technique that is impossible for Google to eventually detect. Some are harder to detect but nothing is impossible.

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