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Looks nice. I tried http://sharetally.co/1618/

Looks nice. I tried http://sharetally.co/1618/

ht +Alistair Lattimore   Cyrus Shepard originally shared:   This is What a Social Share Dashboard Should Look Like

Impressive stuff from http://sharetally.co

Similar to one of my other favorite tools, Sharedcount. (http://www.sharedcount.com/) ShareTally not only has a pretty cool visual display, but separates out share metrics such as Likes, Shares and Comments into different buckets.

Bonus - I didn`t notice this on the first pass, but many of the metrics are clickable, taking you directly to the search results of each service so you can examine the shares in depth.

Bonus #2 - This keeps getting better and better. Share Tally also includes votes on Inbound.org. This is the first social share aggregation I`ve ever seen do that. Impressive.
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