Dumb SEO Questions

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 81.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 81. Hangout On Air Video
00:07:32My home page has a bounce rate of 84%.5
00:12:58Which tools would you use to analyze 16M backlinks?
00:17:24Is there a chance that this will be classed as duplicate content?
00:19:27Now that guest posting is frowned upon, should I remove the links back to my personal page?
00:21:25How do you fix constant 404 errors from popping up daily?1
00:23:32The secret to getting listed on DMOZ.org is?
00:25:32Does it matter that the robots.txt file is stored that deep on the server?
00:27:44Event tracking code not functioning what may be the reason? Can anyone help me out?
00:30:24If I switch content between two pages, would it hurt my SEO?
00:32:19SEO value in transcribing and translating subtitles in youtube videos?
00:43:15Is this something that Google added recently or has it been there for some time?
00:50:53Does Google ignore the noindex tag?
00:52:17Can we do follow links from a sub domain to our main domain?
00:54:25 In the Google webmasters it is showing thousands of duplicate meta tags. There must be something wrong with the site, could anybody help me here?
01:01:06Our website is not appearing for targeted keywords.
01:15:39I need your help my SEO brothers :) I have four questions ^^
01:29:08Has anyone noticed Google Analytics dropping visits and calling them sessions?
01:32:34Does anyone know of any respectable guide for setting up Yoast SEO?
01:34:07What is the best Keyword Research Tool on the market right now and why?
01:44:08SEO considerations in a migration from Sharepoint 2010 to Sharepoint 2013?