Dumb SEO Questions

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 73.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 73. Hangout On Air Video
00:02:59My website lost half of its traffic compared to last month. Any suggestion?
00:04:42Do traffic generated through ads helps in building reputation of a website?
00:10:34Duplicate content question: How to avoid duplicate content issues?
00:11:39Does anyone have any advise with regards to what are the best top-end metrics to report on for SEO?
00:15:35What are some of the ways to prevent torrent sites from outranking your content?
00:16:57Is a self hosted website a must if I want to improve my site�s SEO?
00:19:29If your client publishes news articles on their sites written and produced by others, is it worth optimising this content for SERP`s?
00:22:28How would I know if my client`s site has been penalized?
00:28:05Does anyone know of any good resources to read up on and learn about sitemaps?
00:30:18Is an increased traffic to a site would help to increase search engine ranking?
00:40:17Will too many backlink from a single website create any problem?
00:44:03Please someone suggest me what`s going on to my sites or What would be my next footstep?
00:53:58Is it risky to geo target USA in GWT while I rank well for Canada?
00:57:05What did you charge when you first started your SEO company?
01:04:04My question is regarding the fluctuation in Google ranking
01:07:50Is it possible to get listed under the popular place list?
01:34:23I`m having some problem with Google Places Listing
01:36:01Can anyone shed some light on which they believe is going to create more value, Author rank or Publisher rank?3
01:37:12Is there a way to redirect that entire category without writing a Redirect 301 for each individual page?
01:39:35How do I quickly find contact details from a website?
01:45:48Is having two sites for the same company a bad thing?
01:47:25The Page Rank of a website: Does it depends only on Backlinks or it accounts anything else?
01:49:19How google implement social signals and do it lists them in backlink report on GMT?
01:51:26What html tag to use for product reviews submitted by users?
01:54:03The keywords I am targeting for my home page are only being partially highlighted/noticed by Google. Any suggestion?
01:59:48Does anyone know if there is a tool to see who shared or +1`d your content the most?
04:00:00Should I use Facebook open graph meta tags after page meta tags or before meta tags?