Dumb SEO Questions

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 69.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 69. Hangout On Air Video
00:03:59Need advice about Google image search result
00:09:38So... Backlinks vs Social Signals where do you stand?
00:19:48Need advice about nofollow attribute for link
00:41:11I found a whole list of of unsavoury links, how to get rid of them?
00:45:00Please let me know some good tools to keep a check on ranks, clicks and impressions.
00:47:58How can I use Screaming Frog to crawl a list of pages for a particular html code
00:50:03A technical question about how it treats images for SEO
00:54:40Is using link in forum signature is good for SEO purpose or its bad technique now?
00:56:06Need advice about page competition on the same domain
01:00:50I have a question regarding php and javascript
01:02:47Need advice about Google Map Listing for business
01:04:29Since Blogger is owned by Google, do you get better SEO results with blogger vs another blog?
01:05:13Need SEO advice about how to deal with multi language site4
01:08:39I`m selling a bag with 3 kind of sizes, should I have 3 pages for each size?
01:13:51A question about page loading speed
01:18:10I need an easy method for redirecting old site links to new unique urls of an eCommerce website.
01:22:54Can you 301 redirect anchor links e.g mysite.com/home.html#aboutus to mysite.com/aboutus and vice versa?
01:23:55we thought we`d turn to social media to ask about a social media course.
01:27:06Need advice about local search result3
01:29:29What do purchasing professionals look for in a website when they are sourcing new products?
01:34:13What To do To rank the websites? Please suggest some tips
01:37:25Any Wp Plugin To translate my website into Browser Selected/ Preferred Language automatically?
01:39:28Anybody know if your organic traffic increased in +ve but your revenue is down upto -60% to -70%?
01:43:41A question about rich snippets
01:45:37How to salvage links from WMT �Crawl Errors� list?
01:51:58Need advice about prefered domain setting in Google Webmaster Tool
01:59:59What is "white Hat SEO" ?
02:02:40Should I do some kind of redirect to point to the new links?
02:03:36How do I contact Google to change search results?
02:07:12Need advice about duplicate content on mysite
02:11:59If I make a 301 redirect from the old site to the new one, would it impact on my ranking?
02:14:34I am not sure what business name I should use.
02:21:24Would rel="canonical" be the best way to avoid duplicate content?
02:30:33Can someone point me to the best practices for removing bad backlinks?
02:33:42What would be your link strategy in 2014?