Dumb SEO Questions

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 48.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 48. Hangout On Air Video
00:01:53Thank you, +John Mueller. Six years at Google. :)
00:03:01Alina Carter needs help answering question from a person
00:09:39Why Google Had No Comment On Next Page Rank Updating? Does it mean PR is going to End?
00:12:09My site was down for 2 days, it`s back to live now but it`s gone from Google search, how to get it back?
00:16:09Why are Yellow Pages an Unnatural Link?
01:06:40My Google results show site links underneath of WordPress posts, I want google to see the posts5
01:15:33Discussion: What is Google Author Rank
01:28:43I have a question concerning the Pretty links plugin for wordpress
01:30:38Can anyone recommend a good extension for Joomla?
01:31:59Should I use the www version or the one without the www?
01:38:12Any tips on why Google hates my site so much?
01:54:49What happens when a site changes domains? How much organic SEO traffic is lost in the process?
02:00:21Strange occurence on google`s webmastertools, has anyone observed something similar or anyone an idea?
02:01:06How could webmaster tools be accurate on one set of keywords and not on another?
02:43:51I can`t figure this Google places stuff out!! Does anyone have any tips?
02:46:13Two SEO questions about subfolders in URLs
02:51:16I need more insights about how to improve Google Page Rank
02:56:36Facebook Like button or a Facebook Share button on your site? Or do both have equal value?
03:01:29Will Google punish my site for having too many incoming links from one domain?
03:05:35Two most important factors relating to search page ranking and organic traffic?
03:12:45Should I only be using authorship on my blogs and articles and not my entire website?
03:13:38Do you have any suggestion about the resolution that Google use to analyze a web site generally?
03:18:00Do you still believe that Google +1s or Shares have a big impact on rankings?5