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Any tips on why Google hates my site so much?

I have been trying to get my website back on top of its game with Google.  It took a big hit in the rankings last year and I have been unable to get it to bounce back.  I have included the link below.  Any tips on why Google hates my site so much???  the website is: rcslawfirm com

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  • Benjamin Pusch: It sems like you had backlinks from 135 domains a few months ago and now you are on only 85. I guess thats why Google doesn´t "like" you , because it thinks that yo are loosing authority. Just my guess
  • Robert C. Slim: Then why does yahoo and bing rank me so high? (I'm referring to my local rankings, by the way).
  • Dan Vuksanovich: The algorithms are different... and none of them are public, so trying to figure out why one search engine &quot;likes&quot; your site and another one doesn&#39;t is not as good a use of your time as a) creating fresh, unique content, b) earning new links whenever possible and c) making sure that your site doesn&#39;t have any problems (such as duplicate content) that can hurt rankings.<br /><br />If you haven&#39;t changed anything on your site recently and are still falling out of favor with Google, then you&#39;re either losing links (as referenced by ), you&#39;ve been hit with a manual penalty (which you can see if you use Google Webmaster Tools) or the value of the links to your site have fallen due to an algorithm update and your site is suffering as a result.<br /><br />If you&#39;ve only fallen a few places, it&#39;s possible that your competitors are doing a better job of creating content and earning links than you are. If your site is falling like a rock, however, competition alone is likely not the cause.<br /><br />Hope this helps.
  • Robert C. Slim: I don&#39;t think content is the issue.  ;I write all the content myself and everyone that reviews my site says that it has excellent and informative content.  ;What do you mean by &quot;duplicate content?&quot;  ;The only thing I can think of is that whenever I draft a new post, I wait about a week or so for it to get indexed and then publish it to Ezine Articles.  ;Would that be considered duplicate content?<br /><br />Also, how do I go about getting quality links?  ;I know that has been my biggest challenge.  ;I was told that that links usually come naturally as you build quality content.<br /><br />Thanks for the input and advice.
  • Ranu Jain: Yes, Robert if you are posting the same content on Ezine then it will be considered as &quot;Duplicate Content&quot;. ;<br /><br />Would recommend to write a content/ blog using the keywords you have lost the ranks for. ;<br /><br />May your backlink profile included spammy links or from the low quality sites. Please check your backling profile again. And if you find them spammy or irrelevant then Disavow them.
  • Astitva Kumar: You have some SEO Matrix. That you can Analyze that<br /><br />1- What is your link Velocity(Link Building speed) ?<br />2 - What is link loosing speed?<br />3 - Bounce rate and page view vs page on time<br />4 - Crawling frequency.<br />5 - Index Status in Webmaster Tools<br />6 - In Depth Analytics in GA<br /><br />Check Out all this factor.. You Can easily turbo shoot the problem what have you and identify symptoms of problem..<br /><br />Thanks ;
  • Ray Laminack: there are some general cosmetic things you could do to this as well which might help other than that I would work on your links, making sure you have strong and valuable links rather than potentially malicious or spammy links ;
  • Dan Vuksanovich: - I didn&#39;t say content was the issue... what I said was that your time will be better spent creating fresh new content than going too deep down the &quot;why does search engine X like my site but search engine Y doesn&#39;t like my site?&quot; rabbit hole.<br /><br />As for how to earn links, there are entire companies, blogs, books, etc. dedicated to that topic. In short, think of link building like the online version of PR. All the concepts are the same, but instead of trying to get a mention in the paper or on the radio, you&#39;re trying to get a mention on other websites.

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