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Two SEO questions about subfolders in URLs

Two questions about subfolders in URLs:

1. Can I have more than 1 subfolder in a URL without negatively impact SEO practices?
I think it is most user friendly to make a subfolder for the category as well the product.

For example, is it ok to use domain.com/categoryname/productname/page.html if it`s the most logical structure for users?

2. Some products will fit in more than one category. The pages will slightly differ from each other (f.e. slightly different pages and text but not that much). Will rel=canonical solve this problem of duplicate content?

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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Brent Wildman: Yes and Yes.
  • chiejoung poon: Je hebt t antwoord zelf al gegeven ;)
  • Nishant Desai: Yes you can use more than 1 sub folder.  ;If its most logical for users, it would be the best for Google to give it importance.
  • Ranu Jain: Adding two subfolders won&#39;t be a problem but ;URL structure with lesser trailing slashes perform better than those with more.<br /><br />Also, the excessive subfolders in a URL string may give a signal that the page is very deep in a site&#39;s and may be less valuable to crawl, index and rank.

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