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Will Google read the content hidden behind a read-more tab?

Hi All,  

I`m working on a webpage which has a "Read More" tab in the main content. Will Google read the content hidden by this tab - or will it be skipped?

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  • Arseniy Bolotsko:

    +  It should. As long as the hidden content gets rendered as the page loads then you are fine. However, if you are using some JS script that retrieves content on "call" using ids the you will have big problems.

  • Dave Elliott:

    depends how its coded, but, it may well be read properly. We certainly have jquery scripts that do this sort of thing that are read as normal

  • Christina S:

    Turn off javascript and css and see what you can see in the browser of the content. If you see it all then you`re good to go. Or use a spider simulator like and see how much text content is retrieved from the web page.

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