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Title and meta is not being updated in search results?

Just wanted some advice. I launched a site sometime ago, however the title and meta information is not being updated in search results. The interesting thing is though is, I posted a link on G+ and the correct title and meta information was displayed and site has recently been crawled. Any ideas?

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  • Lena Ruchko:

    Hi Timothy! I think it is simply because you referred to a website externally- posted a link to it. Moreover, you used Google service (Google +) which increased the chances that the link will be spotted soon. That is why your site has been finally crawled recently.

  • Heidi Strom Moon:

    What`s the cache date for your pages? We`ve often seen a lag between a site being indexed by Google and its cache being updated with new content. (And different cache results displayed for different users, presumably because they are hitting different servers.)

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