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Do you think YouTube videos help SEO?

Awesome! My favorite topic.. SEO and WPM- Web Presence Management, which I thought I had come up with, until I saw the acronym used elsewhere :~(.. But SEO is like a challenge to me... Strategically making little quaint moves, and sometimes bold ones- while trying not to get the google BOOT...- rising to the top , you and for your clients... Love it... Look forward....

Do y`all think that adding YouTube videos, or videos in any form, help SEO as far as Google is concerned- considering bots can`t watch them.... I`ve been wondering about that- especially for #YouTube, given the connection between Google and the GTube.

Mark V

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  • Justin Y:

    YouTube videos can help funnel traffic in if you do things right. Just make sure that the on-page content is relevant to the video.

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