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Registered TLD`s with keywords for local seo serp?

Would it help with seo if your registered business name was your keywords for local seo serp? Ie, "Denver physical therapy".

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  • Mike Ramirez: That can help then. Use it in a title tags and H1 tags and you`ll stand a chance. Pretty competitive keyword I would imagine though, so you`d likely need to do a lot of off-page SEO in addition to the on-page stuff.
  • Justin Y: With a term like that you`re going to be dealing with more local results vs organic.You`d probably be better off using SEM for this.
  • Justin Y: + basically if you`re trying to come up in SERPs for that type of search it`s going to take a lot more than just doing meta title, h1`s and on-page seo as mentioned. You`re talking about a large city and although I don`t know that status of the current website, I can assure you that it won`t be an easy task. This is why I recommend PPC and remarketing. With that type of service I`d assume you`d want to get some conversions but the question is how much are you or the client willing to spend for quality leads?
  • June M: If it is the name of the business... otw... focus on citations (business listings) getting customer reviews, writing quality content, being on local chamber of commerce (type sites) on site have author, location etc. aspects all set correctly as well. Partner and be referenced, guest post or accept guest posts by complimentary local businesses too.
  • Lena Ruchko: Hi Jamin! There was such Google update - EMD update - it targeted specifically at domain names which explicitely contain exact match keywords in the domain name. To be on the safe side I would advise you to include one word term for example in the domain name. Also you may incorporate keywords in the URL of the website pages - this would be quite safe and effective at the same time.

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