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When I use syntax link on google, I don`t find any links?

Hi All, I need some help figuring out an issue related to backlinks that we are facing for one of our website. When I use syntax link:oursite.com on google, I don`t find any backlinks. Does this mean the big G is not considering them backlinks. I feel like all my efforts went in vain. Please help me out in this. What is the best possible way to get backlink data. Thanks

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  • Dave Elliott:

    Ahrefs and opensite explorer are both very good and depending on how many links u have a free.

  • i-Fluid Media:

    Google stopped showing backlinks with the link: command many moons ago! We use 4 tools for link analysis- opensite explorer, Ahrefs, MajesticSEO and google`s Webmaster Tools. Do you care to share your issue?

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