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I looked at GWT last week now my back links are 54?

My question is that I used to have about 500 great quality back links from blogs, government and universities. Then I wrote on two health forums once each and all of a sudden my back links went up to 2, 000. I wrote them to delist me without any response. When I looked at Google Webmaster last week now my back links are 54. What happened and how do I fix it?

Thanks, Teri

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  • Tony McCreath:

    It seems GWT is having some problems at the moment so don`t worry about lost links there. If you posted on a forum can`t you remove those links yourself?

  • Jamie Strothmann:

    Google Webmaster currently has a bug in their backlinks report. A lot of our sites have dropped tremendously. I would check back in a week here is an article that explains it -

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