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I want to know latest link building tips and tricks.

Hello Everyone, I come back in community after a long time. I want to know latest link building tips and tricks to avoid (Google Panda- Penguin) udpates and site stays safe. Thanks

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  • Pedro Dias: Create useful content that solves users problems. Invest in creativity.
  • Arseniy Bolotsko: I love these "link building" discussion. They all go about the same way. In my opinion people completely misunderstand what "link building" or "link earning" is. Directory Submission, Social Media posting, PR submissions and begging people to link to your site is NOT the way to go. Yet it is still what I see most people do and talk about. Here are a few things I think would be better: 1) Go to your local university and see if anyone would be interested in a presentation on whatever your field of expertise is. Universities usually put that stuff on their websites along with the profile. There is a link for you. And it also shows that you are knowledgable about something. 2) Find a good cause and do some pro bono work. Not only can you get a link from a good non profit but might actually get featured in a local newspaper. And most of them have online editions. There is a link for you. not to mention good PR. 3) There is a company I have been following for a while now. And what I notices was that their CEO was using media to get links. My google alert would go off every day with web publication articles that would include something like "according to <em>____</em> of company name link" or "CEO of company name link said...". And its not a big company by the way. they only have 3 employees and a small portfolio. And the list goes on and on...

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