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Payday loans from Mr Cutts

Payday loans from Mr Cutts A search for “payday loans on Google UK” will bring up this website on the first page. paydayloansfrommrcutts.blog.co.uk/ Would anyone want a loan from him, or any payday company?
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  • Alexandru Cobuz: The problem with the "payday loans" niche is that most of the websites in there are using a single crappy strategy, build over 3k backlinks in a night, duplicated content and rank fast. Those sites usually stay there as long as the penguin analyzes the website... and bam they get a penalty. They rinse and repeat this process and you could observe (if you take a look at their backlinks) that most of them are spam.
  • Tim Capper: Piss myself. It then redirects to a payday loan site. Looking at the paydayloansfrommrcutts they had approx 7K of links indexed inside of 2 days. Look fair do`s, I like the sense of humour

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