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How to convince my client?

Please Suggest me how to convince my client?? He is frustrated because he is getting no leads via his website. In fact, he also said he is now getting more spam email than before as well.

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  • Aamir Siddiqui: Analyze his website and audit it. check its competitors and his back-links and content. Check out what is lacking in your website to persuade the visitors like use good and simple navigation, make your website user experienced, put call to action where necessary. Play with colors to induce visitors, understand visitor psychology, design a unique landing page and main thing is to analyze your specif USP (unique selling proposition) which differs you from others. Develop website usability strategies. Make lead generation tools like live chat support etc.
  • Federico Sasso: Alina, it all depends on what you promised, and what you delivered. We can`t say much without knowing more. Honestly show progress and real expectations. Regarding the email spam: if you added a contact form, ensure to also add basic spam protection (captcha, which I don`t like, or honeypot fields).

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