Dumb SEO Questions

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 98

Thursday, August 21, 2014

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 98 Hangout On Air Video
00:02:14Does the BLOG gov and edu back links COMMENTS add some SEO value or it�s a waste of time?
00:04:26My site is experiencing decreasing trend in pageviews but an increasing trend in organic search traffic for the same period. What could this mean?
00:07:49What would you say is your favorite CMS to do SEO work on?5
00:10:39What can be the reasons of down in keywords ranking for a website?
00:13:03Should a Privacy Policy be noindexed?
00:17:11Spamming Google with Clickthrough
00:19:18Did I miss an announcement about a recent Google update? I dropped from 4 to 10 on the 1st page of Google`s SERP
00:24:06Will adding no-follow, no-index landing pages that have duplicate content to the indexed pages hurt the domain`s ranking?1
00:26:12I`m trying to do Change of Address in Webmaster but it doesn`t seem to work
00:28:40I want to know if my site is getting marked as the location for the original content I am creating for it
00:35:08What is the best way to delete pages without causing 404 errors?
00:39:07Which blog site is better : wordpress or blogger and why?
00:41:43Should I keep using Brand Name In Title Tags?
00:47:12How many of you implemented revisit-after meta tag, and experienced that this tag really works?
00:54:47Does anybody have ANY idea on how I can get more traffic across an international border?1
01:02:53My site was hit by google update but I am not sure if penguin or pigeon