Dumb SEO Questions

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 80.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 80. Hangout On Air Video
00:01:38What do you know about the value of giving and receiving reviews from local businesses pages?
00:20:17We recently migrated from a .net to a .com website address and I have some questions about it
00:23:03How can use copy content and avoid Google penalty?
00:23:56My website has gone far down in Google and i`m trying to understand why
00:31:54I am getting an error in my webmaster tool and I don`t know how to resolve this. Please help me out
00:40:19Does anyone have an article or video about how to program schema code?
00:44:51I have a multiple urls and I want to use same content in all of those urls. Is it possible to use canonical in allpages??
00:48:39My https version is indexed even though the canonical tag references the http://. Is this a major concern?
00:56:38Anyone else noticing that Google Keyword Planner is providing less keyword ideas?
01:01:48 I`ve been wanting to ask something that I`m pretty confused about regarding SEO
01:06:25If I do blog commenting in related site of my project, will it be helpful in SEO purpose?
01:09:38Quick SEO question. Any difference in SEO? page vs. post?
01:10:55Is buying or creating and using a keyword rich domain still worth it and a viable SEO strategy anymore or not?
01:14:01This is not a question but thank you for all the advice and help I get from this community
01:16:12I have been acrossed sites which doesn`t have any kind of meta data for site but rank high. How is it possible?
01:17:20If you could only pick THREE SEO tools or three types of software brand which would you choose? And why?
01:27:14If a client has a ton of images taken off Google to be used on their site what is the best way for us to fix this?
01:34:14I`d be interested to find out if there`s anyone on here that still uses My Blog Guest and if so is it still having a positive impact on your rankings?
01:35:49Customer service numbers to Google
01:45:26How to set up targetted audience in Google Webmaster Tools if I have a site with two languages5
01:50:57Is it possible the "302 redirect passes no authority" rule of thumb is no longer valid?
01:57:14Which sites are good for high PR backlinks?
02:01:3120 days to get Manual Action removed from our account?
02:02:10Is it worth the time to go back and optimize old blog post (adding keywords, H1, H2 Tags etc) from a year ago?4
02:03:47How do I get more traffic from targeted city?
02:08:14Google knocked out some of my local sites. Any thoughts?
02:20:55German page is ranking in Switzerland before Swiss page! How to change it?
02:40:59I really want to try a different strategy in optimizing my website by using guest posting. Any thoughts?
02:44:46Should I check the rel nofollow box?
02:46:30I have a question about the canonical tag
02:48:57I have an SEO / Marketing related question and I hope to find an answer to it here
02:54:31Does any one know of any good Seo digital marketing white papers?
02:57:58Any suggestions to avoid the duplicate content issue across a blog series?