Dumb SEO Questions

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 65.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 65. Hangout On Air Video
00:02:20Wondering if anyone has had luck with using 404s instead of the Google #disavowlinkstool?
00:05:30Is anybody using ShopperApproved to gather customer ratings?5
00:13:19How long will it take to rank my site?
00:19:32How do I check whether why competitor pages are ranking before mine?
00:23:14Is it better to have a side menu or drop-down menus?
00:24:51How does one check whether a website and landing pages are optimised for certain keywords?
00:27:36How does google index images that are in a slideshow?
00:28:32Please help me in indexing the pages.
00:34:29Is it a good idea to implement classic & universal code in one website and track it as 2 properties?
00:39:38We had a contract with an SEO company and the search results were not bad until it got punished by the Panda / Penguin updates.
00:49:18 What tips and tricks would you recommend to optimize for semantic SEO?
00:58:54What about Bing SEO?
01:01:35If I use target="_blank" for internal links, will this lower the number of page views?
01:09:00Would Showing Repetitive Content in site itself will consider as Duplicate Content or not?
01:16:00Multiple businesses with same physical address. Will I be ignored on Google maps or not?
01:20:00I`m having a difficult time understanding the best way to tag my home page.
01:24:32Should I use the ID before or after my keywords in the URL?
01:36:02What`s your SEO PLAN for 2014?
01:44:41Is the rel=publisher (in webmaster tools) only applicable to a Google+ page or can it also apply to a Google+ Local page?
01:48:19What can i do if my brand`s name equals a product name?
01:53:55In blogger, there is an option show author`s Google+ profile as writer.
01:59:08Submitting website and content on Web 2.0 websites gives good results?
02:03:45Do personal vine accounts show up on Google searches?