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Will a website on web development tutorials and tech info work?

Planning to start a website with combination of web development tutorials and  tech info like gadgets, software`s, ETC. will this combo work and what will be the impact on SEO.  

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  • Sumit Mohil: That`s great thoughts and best investments at present , web design development is most competitive field .Frequently people ask questions on web design development  , Needed help on coding  , software problems etc ....<br />Great combination and seo definitely helps in promotions , arranging web pages with their best so that maxi. audiences comes to know about your website .  I think social media sites and communities are plays crucial role in presenting such websites ..
  • Masatake Wasa: If I were you, I`d ask myself more fundamental questions, rather than thinking about SEO. What are the USPs of such a site, when there are so many of them out there? What purpose will it serve? Whose needs will it meet? And other such questions you would ask before SEO.
  • Masatake Wasa: But your website <em>is</em> the product that needs USPs. As for ad revenue, don`t expect to get AdSense account in that genre, if you are planning on that. It is really saturated at the moment, and Google has been regularly rejecting applications, since it has become well-nigh impossible to satisfy the criteria for <em>originality</em> and <em>uniquness</em>, i.e. USPs that distinguish the site from the multitude of others.
  • Masatake Wasa: Again, we go back to the fundamental questions: what and whose needs does the site satisfy? If it makes sense, by all means combine them. I think at this moment, it`s really about conceptualizing what your site is going to be about, rather than SEO as such.

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