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Which tools do people use to check the links for low quality?

Recently I asked what sort of tools people use to check their backlinking, so I guess the next best question to ask is what tools people use to check the links for low quality? There`s plenty of tools out there, however it`s difficult to believe what you read on the web, so what`s people`s verdict?

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  • Jim Munro:

    I am not an expert, Weblinx, but I do not think it is safe to use a tool for this purpose.

    I have tried a couple but neither were even close to accurate, (too many false negatives and false positives), in my opinion.

    However, I think the assessment of link quality is such a subjective thing that it would not be fair to mention their names here.

    Having assessed the links, you then might consider a further assessment of Google`s veracity in statements made about the link disavowal tool. My personal opinion, (but I cannot get anyone to agree with me), is that it is a waste of time unless you have received notice of a manual penalty.

    I think that all the link disavowal tool`s list does is serve as a record to be referred to as part of a reconsideration request. 

  • Taurus Media:

    Manual assessment is better because that way you`d be sure that you have scanned to through each link. However, all the links reported by webmaster tools or other link tools may not be live. So you must have a system in place to check if the links are live or not. Only the ones that are live should be assessed manually. Its a good way to save time and doing things faster.

  • i-Fluid Media:

    In my experience no tool can auto detect poor links. Its a 100% manual job.

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