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Google Disavow Link Tool Advice Needed Please.

Google Disavow Link Tool Advice Needed Please...

Here is the situation: Your website has 10, 000 links - 10% are terrible. You haven`t received a Google Unnatural Link Warnings, but recently the website`s search engine ranks have nose-dived for some of its major keywords (top 5 to 50th for very competitive terms). This is most probably due to Google Penguin or perhaps a different update...

After finding all of the links, would you drop them straight into the Disavow tool or would you contact every website to ask for them to be removed? I`d be really interested to hear from somebody who has been through a similar scenario. If you`ve bounced back - how did you do it? 

Thanks in advance. Rob

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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Andrei Gherghel: Use the domain: operator to safely disavow all links from a specified domain.
  • Tony McCreath: I`d use disavow first, at least for the obvious ones. If it`s an algo thing then the act of trying to get the links removed is not important. On the next update you can determine if you need to go deeper.

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