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showing images of Google Plus Business page for websites in SERP.

Hi all
As now Google is showing images of Google Plus Business page for websites in SERP , But is it showing the image for only big companies as i cant see my business page image in SERP and i have a good follower for my page and i m pretty old as using the business page.
So any ideas people?

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  • Justin Y:

    This is more of a Google+ question and not so much SEO if you ask me. 

    Do you have the publisher tag installed on your site? rel=publisher

    Is it a Google+ business page that has been verified and migrated?

  • Justin Y:

    First off good job! 
    When did you setup the G+ publisher tag?
    It takes a little while from what I`ve experienced for Google to show the image in SERPs.

    Also is the publisher tag being used on your site using the 
    tag in the or the 

  • Justin Y:

    + I would have to see how your integration is setup. It seems like time isn`t the issue. 

    Did you setup the rel=publisher on the home page only or sitewide? Try the home page only if you have it enabled across all pages. That might solve the issue.

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