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Do potential clients search by Image Search, especially on Google?

Do potential clients search by Image Search, especially on Google? 

Do potential clients type the basic search terms into Image Search? Are there statistics about use by consumers? Can there be optimization of web site photos to get top placement on Image Search? Are SEO companies neglecting this venue for optimization? I am debating this issue with my SEO company and any insight would be helpful. Thanks

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  • Micah Fisher-Kirshner:

    1) Yes, you can find this traffic in your analytics as well.
    2) Can you clarify what you mean by `basic`?
    3) Yes, most of the optimization for web photos are fairly similar to textual SEO with some differences (picture size, relevant text near the photo, alt tag for example).
    4) I would say they have, but the value of focusing on it will vary by industry compared against many of the other optimizations you can focus on.

  • Tim Beachum:

    Micah hit it spot on!!! Your company should optimize images as a standard part of your SEO practices. Not sure if you are a local or national company, that plays a slight difference in your image optimization game plan.

  • Justin Y:

     have stopped optimizing images for image search for my own reasons. Through my own experiences the traffic quality wasn`t there and it mainly seemed like I was only optimizing images for people to steal. When I stopped optimizing my images the visits declined but the quality of visits increased. 

    I think it naturally depends on why you want to optimize your images nowadays. Maybe your images are useful or maybe your optimizing for an Infographic. These are things I would think about if I were to optimize any images for today. If it doesn`t make sense, you might not want to bother. These are just my opinions.

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