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How to rank for a target country - Tanzania.

One of my client is manufacturer & supplier of mechanical products & from last few years he is supplying only to indian markets (the site is .com) but now he wants to expand this business & to reach international countries. And the first country he wants target is tanzania. My question is, what should I do to make sure the site is ranked well in that country?

Please suggest some SEO strategy.


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  • Rotimi Orimoloye: This may sound strange, <br />but my answer would be.....probably NOTHING. :)<br /><br />The truth is that you have to first check if there is anyone even doing anything remotely similar to SEO in Tanzania, before you begin to worry about ranking. And if there are, then are they in the mechanical products supply industry?<br /><br />In my country (Nigeria) which is one of the more "advanced" African countries, below the Sahara, there really isn`t that much SEO, or competition for organic rankings going on. Except in certain industries. <br /><br />I apologize if I seem to be underrating my Tanzanian brothers, but personally, I would just advice you to do the most basic things for now.....<br /><br />Make sure your HTML stuff is clean in order to make sure it is very accessible to Google.<br />Be smart with your tags and site map.<br />Write some simple key-word rich content. <br />Set your address & phone numbers blah blah blah.<br />And I`m sure you`re good to go.
  • Collin Davis: Best approach would be to have a tld domain of Tanzania. However you will then have to optimize for 2 websites. You could also opt for a subdomain or subfolder approach.<br /><br />I would go for the subfolder approach and then target in GWT the subfolder for Tanzania.

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