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How to create an SEO Plan for a new website?

Hello Everyone,

Hope you guys are doing good, . I need your help and guidance too regarding creating an SEO Plan for a new website . Can you help me with this like when to start link building, which task will be needed to get leads and sales, I mean everything from scratch to advance to get traffic and sales.

You can say also SEO Proposal to client , what they are lacking and how we can improve and achieved goals something like this.

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  • Justin Y: + I see that you`re using WooCommerce and that might be difficult to rank well if you don`t have all the right pieces. I think that your url structure and meta data will play a valuable role when it comes to optimizing your website for search. My advice, look at what your competitors are doing and use it to your advantage. Mimic what their doing to a certain degree but find ways to improve your site of theirs. Those are my opinions.
  • i-Fluid Media: Personally, on a new domain I would recommend at least 60 days of ppc to collect conversion data. If your website does not convert you need to address the issues while you think about SEO. If it converts well you have valuable data on which keywords/products/pages convert which can help you devise a killer SEO strategy.

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