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Dumb SEO Questions Community reaches 5000 members.

5000 members! Wow, way to go +Dumb SEO Questions and +Jim Munro and all the experts that make this happen.. +Alistair Lattimore+Tim Capper +W.E. Jonk +Andy Wigglesworth +Rob Wagner and the rest of course!

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  • Jim Munro:

    Good on you, Jamin Rak for being one of us. :)

    ...along with +  + + + + + ++ +  + + +  and + who helped me test the first clip, but especially + because, if he had not immediately seen that this was a niche that needed filling and strongly supported us from the outset, there would not be such a thing as a Dumb SEO Questions community. There are also people who don`t join the broadcast but watch and encourage us every week like + ,  + + . That`s off the top of my head, I`ll fill in the gaps in my useless memory later but I am sorry if I did not mention you. We`ve reached an unexpected milestone and who would have thought it would have been so much fun? :)

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