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Cognitive SEO.

So, i have been informed about a product called Cognitive SEO. It seems remarkably feature rich especially considering the price BUT no one i even vaguely trust has anything to say about it and I am struggling to find reviews etc. So does anyone have any experience with it? There is a free two week trial on the site if anyone clever wanted to compare it to the likes of moz, ahrefs, raven et al. Much kudos and +1`s to anyone who can give me a definitive answer as to if it is any good or not.I am intrigued but really don`t have the time to compare it to my beloved moz.
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  • Justin Y: Looks interesting, sucks there`s not really a break on the price between the first two options. I still might pilot the 14day trial, I like what it has to offer on the competitive side. Good share!
  • Steve Brownlie: I`ve used it and it`s very slow to use but very powerful. In the end I went back to Ahrefs and our own scripts & processes to analyse back link data.
  • Jim Munro: There is this thread with a response from Dan, Dave. https://plus.google.com/u/0/111588754935244257268/posts/ApdY2tucVcr
  • Larry Sheckell: I currently use it to manage several SEO projects. As Steve said it`s a bit on the slow side, but it does a great job at categorizing backlinks and managing an entire backlink profile. It will begin issuing warnings if your backlink profile contains too many "commercial" keywords and it recognizes and categorizes the types of websites that your backlinks are coming from - whether it be directories, blogs, social media, follow links vs nofollow, etc. The graphs and charts make it pretty easy to keep track of what is happening from a broad perspective, and how you are doing in terms of natural vs. unnatural and link velocity. My favorite tool in this arsenal of SEO weapons is probably the link navigator, which allows you to quickly view your backlinks within a lightweight browser with options to disavow (it automatically builds a disavow sheet for you as you go) tag, ignore or reclassify links. Once you get going with this thing, you can use the keyboard shortcuts to make quick work of any link inventory project, moving quickly from link to link and making decisions on what to do with each. They also offer rank tracking, competitive link analysis, reporting and a whole bunch of other features that I haven`t even begun to discover yet. Put it this way, before I found Cognitive SEO I was paying for Majestic, Ahrefs, Raven Tools and AWR Cloud, for a total of about $350/month. Now I get pretty much all of the same tools in one place for over $100/month less. I do, however still pay for my Majestic subscription, but only because I like to have a secondary source of backlinks to look at as well sometimes. As you can tell I`m a fan of Cognitive SEO tools. The only negative thing that I can seem to say about them is that links tend to take a little longer to show up within Cognitive as opposed to Majestic. I`m not sure where they get their link data but it always seems a little behind to me when compared to Majestic. Other than that, it`s well worth the price IMO. Hope that helps!

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