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Is it necessory to "request a review" on google after being hacked?

Hi all,

My website was hacked around 10 days ago, now I done the fixation and website now working fine, but i didn`t get the any notification on my search console, I got a message on SERP as "Hacked by some one" for home page only, but now my home page indexed properly with proper tag.

My que is: Is it necessory to "request a review" on google?

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  • Lyndon NA: If the SERPs are showing your site has been recrawled and showing up fine, then there isn`t any real need to request a review.That said - as G tends to identify such nastiness, I would request it anyway, as they may spot something and flag it that would otherwise be missed.
  • Neeraj Pandey: +Lauren Miller , I would suggest you to please check security issues section in search console. then if there is no message, you can use fetch as googlebot for some pages and see how googlebot is finding the page. specially the page where SERP is showing its hacked. New crawling of the pages will take time so I would suggest you to be patient and keep tracking of every url that is crawled. for now if you have resolved the hacking issue its what you should do .

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