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Google search is still showing the old website in the search results

Recently launched a new website and the old website is still live and will be decommissioned in 15 days. Google search is still showing the old website in the search results how can we get rid of that and show our new website.
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  • Lyndon NA: You have setup 301 redirects from old URLs to new URLs?When I land on a page from your old site, I should automatically be transfered to the same/related/similar page on the new site.1) It`s a better experience for users2) You don`t lose traffic from old links/bookmarks etc.3) You keep the majoritry of the rankings for the old pages, and they are given to the new pages.Otherwise, you are simply building a new site and starting from scratch.IF you have redirects in place, and they are detected - then you have to wait for (a) G to crawl the old site and see the redirects(b) for G to process the redirects (c) G to crawl the new URLs and (d) G to associate the date from the old to the new. This can take a few weeks (depending on how popular/import it thinks your old site is.In GWMT there was a tool for domain transfers - I assume that it`s there in Search Console - so you might want to make sure both sites are setup in Search Console, and then tell G that Old is moved to New.
  • Tam├ís Somogyi: Plus also check the backlinks. Make sure that all URLs which become backlinks are also redirected to a valid RC:200 page.
  • Neeraj Pandey: +Meenu Makan why you are having 2 websites live at the same time when they are duplicate ? there are the site move guidelines which could help you at this time or after some time. Google will consider them as 2 separate websites if you don`t hint it and it might impact the organic traffic & ranking

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