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How long does it take to rank for long tail keywords?

How long does it take to rank for long tail keywords?

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  • Sorin Dimon: depends on how good you are, from couple of days to never
  • Alan Bleiweiss: Seriously - Sorin is not joking when he says from a couple days to never. There are hundreds of core factors and thousands of core factor interrelationship signals that go into determining the outcome. If we were to even begin to boil it down into a response that fits within reason, in a Facebook group post comment, I`d say this: How powerful is the competition for the phrases you are looking at? How strong are they with on-site content quality and value, and on-site technical SEO, or is it more driven by off-site inbound link signals? Or is it a combination of all of that? How much work will it take to do better than that competition in regard to on-site content, on-site technical factors, and off-site reinforcing signals?How far are you willing to go to not only "just get rankings" but to do so in sustainable ways to make it resilient to changes in the competitive landscape and in Google algorithms?All of these questions need to be thought through before you can even begin to plan what needs to be done.
  • Alan Bleiweiss: LOL and I didn`t even mention the questions regarding how strong the SEO already is on the site you`re wanting to rank for.
  • David Klein: There is a joke in here somewhere about tail size versus .....
  • Kenny Holloway: When I was in 5th grade my teacher gave us an assignment to write three paragraphs. I asked, "how long is a paragraph?" I`ve never forgotten his answer."As long as a string."The answer to your question is kind of like that.
  • Sorin Dimon: not quite, the data shows that long tail keywords do much better for conversions, that is 3+ words to be more exact, but 2 or 3 words still do better then one, so you can go along with using long tail keywords instead of an exact number
  • Kenny Holloway: Sorin Dimon The OP`s question had nothing to do with conversions.
  • Rob Woods: it depends
  • Ryan Jones: 27 minutes exactly.
  • Kamalesh Pandian: 20 to 40days.

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