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How do I fix high bounce rate?

Probably a very dumb question so I appreciate your help in advance...
I noticed index(dot)html is creating high bounce rates in GA on WP site. How do I fix this? I didn`t think WP had index(dot)html?
Might be causing errors too...? Need to check into that shortly. When I go to website(dot)com(slash)index(dot)html it`s just a 404 error.

Thanks!!! :)

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  • Alan Bleiweiss: Cheryl is the URL without the /index.html on it also being tracked in GA? That`s always my first question because that happens a lot when people aren`t aware or aren`t paying attention. And it causes bad data in GA since they`re both really the same page in most instances. The other question is "what is the bounce rate for other, similar pages?". And bounce rate alone isn`t enough to know what`s good or not. If bounce rate is high, and average pages per session is high and average time on page is high for any one page, that can be a sign of bad user experience, or getting the wrong type of visitors to the site, but only if your site is intended to get people to explore.
  • Craig Anthony: thats a great point ! would that explain the `/` result here ? does mine need fixing too ?/
  • Alan Bleiweiss: Craig Anthony there isn`t enough volume of data here for me to make any assumptions.
  • Michael Martinez: Usually when I run into this it`s an old link from before WordPress was installed. Probably a very old link on someone else`s site. You can try implementing a 301-redirect to the root folder. Try installing the REDIRECT LIST plugin. It works with the latest version of WordPress. https://wordpress.org/plugins/redirect-list/
  • Frank Watson: that would be the way to go

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