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How to build relevant backlinks for my site pages?

Can anyone please say how to build relevant backlinks for my site pages?

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  • Karna Ido: focus on content
  • Perry Moore: Guest posts
  • Raghul Gandhi: Can you explain a bit? - newbie
  • Perry Moore: Raghul Gandhi https://backlinko.com/the-definitive-guide-to-guest-blogging basically do this or just spend time testing different sellers and find someone who delivers good results and just buy from them
  • Raghul Gandhi: Perry Moore thanks bro
  • Michael Martinez: Guest posting for links violates Google`s search engine guidelines. If you want to "build" links for your site, start with your on-site navigation and then create helpful in-content references. You can also cross-link a small number of sites. While Googlers won`t say if there is a threshold, they usually say up to 5 sites should be okay but DO NOT use keyword-rich, targeted anchor text. Beyond that they strongly recommend that you use "rel=`nofollow`" attributes on links you embed in guest posts. You can still get traffic from other sites and creating that visibility builds brand value, which often leads to other people linking to your site without incentive.
  • Perry Moore: Correct. As does any link building for the purpose of ranking. So basically if you want to be within Google`s guidelines you need to make lots of great content and hope that half decent sites find it then decide they want to link back to it
  • Dan Thies: Perry Moore actually you just need to drive traffic to that content. Which has always worked.
  • Perry Moore: Dan Thies sure. I`m not disputing driving traffic to your content isn`t great, but you still need to hope that a half decent site decides they want to take time out of their day to link to it.
  • Dan Thies: Perry Moore I agree. Just running paid search won’t do the job. You need to build an audience for your content. Social traffic. What Marty Weibtraub calls “paid organic amplification.” Build email lists. Drive traffic, promote sharing, and share content.Those people who deleted all those outreach emails will start linking to you soon enough.
  • Alan Bleiweiss: Regarding Guest Posting: If you do proper Public Relations, which involves outreach, to help bring awareness to your brand and your offerings, you`re treating your site as just one part of your proper, serious business. It`s not about focusing on any one path, method or tactic to obtain visibility off-site.Outreach, done properly, and ethically, without fixating on SEO as the reason, can sometimes lead to being invited to contribute content to other sites, FOR THAT AUDIENCE, and when that happens, a bio link can sometimes be provided. If the content you write for that site is truly helpful to that site`s readers, and provides them tremendous value, and with that, if there is a reference in that content to something on your site, and if you link to that thing on your site because it helps provide more human value to that site`s readers in that instance, whether there`s a "follow" or a "nofollow" on that link, then that`s also sometimes possible. In that scenario, "guest posting" is NOT in violation of Google policies. Except if you shortcut any of the VALUE or PURPOSE considerations of that outreach, then your chances of violating Google policies grows exponentially.

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