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I have read that having your keywords in your GMB listing helps your seo

Hello everyone - I have read that having your keywords in your GMB listing helps your seo.

Currently i have
GMB = Brandname
Facebook = Brandname

If i change my GMB listing to `Brandname` `keywords` - I presume i will also have to change my facebook page name to `Brandname` `keywords` so that they are NAPW correct - and then i would also have to ammend ALL of my citations . Is that right ?

Thanks in advance

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  • Alex T. Besaw: If you change the gmb you need to change everything to make the NAP exactly the samw
  • Craig Anthony: Cheers Alex - I was hoping that wasn`t the case lol . Any tips on how to change ALL of my citations ? I have no idea where i have citations - but i do have quite a few - Is there an app that can change them across all boards in one click ? ( oh the dream! )
  • Alex T. Besaw: Yes, I do them. I do 350 citations and correct existing listings and add listings that you don`t already have
  • Alan Bleiweiss: If you change your GMB listing so that it`s not your legal entity business name, and you choose to stuff it with keywords, that`s a violation of Google policies and only a matter of time before you get reported and hit by Google for doing it.
  • Alan Bleiweiss: Instead of trying to stuff keywords in the business name field, you can assign multiple categories. Choose those that are more relevant for your business.
  • Craig Anthony: Thank you Alan - I was going to go from "Reformations" to Reformations Glass Art & Wall Clocks" is that spammy ?
  • Alan Bleiweiss: Craig it is spam if it`s not the legal name of the business.
  • Dan Thies: A restaurant (for example) is a type of entity. A search for restaurants isn’t based on “restaurant” in the name. They filter the results for Restaurants and then it’s proximity, importance, and a whole bunch of other stuff. But not “restaurant” in the name. They already know it’s a restaurant.
  • Craig Anthony: Alan Bleiweiss Thats a great point - thank you
  • Craig Anthony: Dan Thies i like that ! - Thanks Dan
  • Alex T. Besaw: You have a better chance of ranking if your keyword is in your domain and in the title of your GMB. I`ve done it several times.
  • Craig Anthony: Alex T. Besaw yes that it was i have heard also. Cheers Alex T. Besaw
  • Craig Anthony: i will leave it as it is - thank you for all of your advice :)

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