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Do I really need 500 words and preferably 1000 in order to be noticed by Google?

I`m in the process of creating my E-Com Jewellery store using Shopify and one of the SEO recommendations that I`ve come across is that `posts should contain no less than 500 words and preferably 1000 inorder to be noticed by Google`, which worries me since I`m scratching my head to come with more than 2 or 3 sentences to describe a necklace, for example......Feedback please.

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  • Stockbridge Truslow: It depends. The "lots of words" bit is because having that many words describing something increases your chances of a descriptive type search hitting on it and getting the page ranked. If you are just making up filler words and your 500 (or 1000) words aren`t really descriptive of the product - then you aren`t really doing yourself any favors. Remember - search engines are about relevance (or at least they aim to be) so if you`ve got a lot of fluff you came up with, that can make the page less relevant. My rule of thumb here is: Describe it as best you can in the amount of copy that it takes to accurately and completely describe it. No more. No less. THAT is how many words you should have - not some arbitrary number that someone came up with. I haven`t been into a Shopify site in a few years so I`m not sure what tools you have available, what things happen automatically, and all that. As a general rule of thumb, I always recommend making sure your products have some structured data - either JSON or RDFa. (Google recommends JSON for various reasons, but the RDFa works fine and is actually easier to implement in many cases if you don`t have a module or plugin already there to handle it). In your SERPs and when people share things on social media and whatnot... the shorter descriptions actually look better (in most cases). If you don`t have a lot of descriptive copy - pictures will be key for conversions. Make sure they`re great.
  • Michael Martinez: I`ve gone with as few as two words. Google doesn`t care about the number of words on the page. They care about what value the page creates for visitors.
  • Ash Nallawalla: If those 2-3 sentences are a perfect match for the search query then you don`t need to worry. Consider adding a sentence or two on the place of origin of the stones, some waffle on what inspired its creator, suitability for some star sign etc.
  • David Ogletree: Most SEO “rules” you see around the web are designed for agencies and consultants to justify themselves.Real SEO is time consuming hard work that most don’t want to do or can’t do or can’t get anybody to pay then for. Also very few companies can afford or can’t grasp the value of that many billable hours and there are a zillion SEO’s. Most so called SEO’s are snake oil salesmen.
  • David Klein: Rex, in our testing we have found simply by adding more text that is truly relevant to the search term we do get better rankings. This of course is one factor out of many. No offense to you, but the inability to write specific content based on a speci...Lihat Lainnya
  • Frank Watson: If you have solid product feed content that is easily added to the databases of the engines - use schema and add a what is "the product" question and answer and add answer content in meta description - you can do well depending on competition doing same

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