Dumb SEO Questions

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 85

Thursday, May 22, 2014

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 85 Hangout On Air Video
00:01:02I got down in Google SERP results. Is this any minor algorithm update?
00:06:38I have been requested to give a quote for SEO Services, how should i structure my quote for the services?
00:14:29I have just came across this SEO tool website - Webmeup. Has anyone used this tool?
00:22:08Question regarding repurposing an old blog article
00:26:31Is it better to use your company name or your own name for the keyword on your about page?
00:30:25Hey guys I would like to ask regarding the backlinks of my site
00:34:25We pay an SEO agency but they refused to provide a list of URLs to those pages with backlinks. Is it normal?
00:36:59I`m having a travel agency website but it`s not doing well. Can anybody please help me out?
00:45:10 Does sharing a link on Google+ help SEO or are they nofollow?
00:51:35What can you do to improve the ranking on Bing & Yahoo?
00:57:29When the tag used �index, nofollow� then it make sense but what will be impact and logic behind using �noindex, follow�?5
00:59:54Which options we should look at in the sitemap xml setup when submitting yoast sitemap?
01:01:15I`d like to know if it would be a risk to drop the "www." from the URL
01:08:54 What is the best way to build 3 powerful backlinks within a week?
01:15:55Question about Linkedin account
01:23:23I`ve seen the term "Silo" popping up more and more. Is it a blackhat method?
01:26:19 I`ve never known a reconsideration request to take this long, anyone else had this?
01:31:17What would be the most effective link building strategy to employ if you manage several websites?
01:34:48Can anybody recommend the best use of hashtags?
01:38:14Has anyone noticed their Pinterest Profile making leaps in the SERPS after Panda update?
01:58:50Does maximizing the SEO potential of a large site or group of sites require an agency/team or can a single person do it alone?
02:07:18SEMrush eBay Penalty Analysis
02:15:50I have high numbers of incoming link from only one website. Will it hurt the website rank?