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Would you put a video on your homepage or a slider?

Would you put a video on your homepage or a slider? Which one would give you better SEO Results??

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  • Brian Lichtig: Would you put a video on your homepage or a slider? Which one would give you better SEO Results?
  • Edwin Jonk: Depends. If you think people appreciate it then sure. But keep in mind that people want to go to the information they where looking for asap. For example, if they have to scroll down or go through the slider to get the information it might be sub-optimal. My thinking is that, because people don't get the information asap the content in the slider isn't valued the same as the main content by search engines. ;

    However your question is about the homepage (not a landing page). Homepages do not get that many search traffic, unless it was a branded query. Search engines these days want to send people straight to the right page. This means that search engines rather send people to the specific page then to the (general) home page. Therefore I think it is fine to use a slider on the home page but keep in mind that it might not be the best solution for deeper pages.
  • Brian Lichtig: Why would they not go to a home page first? That is usually where I end up when searching.
  • Edwin Jonk: Let me try to explain it with an example:

    Lets say you sell "pink fluffy elephants" and "pink fluffy mouses". On the home page you mention them with a short description etc., on the product page you have the full description, reviews and multiple images. ;

    Someone is searching for [pink fluffy elephants], which page should rank higher the home page or the product page? It should be the product page because that satisfies the searcher more than the home page. That is, the content on the product page is more specific to the search query than the home page.

    Ping + ;I am saying this right?
  • Tim Capper: Yes you are +​. I love pink fluffy elephants

  • Tim Capper: +​ there is a well know user phenomenon called banner blindness. Users tend to ignore / block out sliders and carousels until they have found the information they want.

    If your slider is too prominent it may prevent them from seeing information near or around the banner.

    If you feel it is crucial to your message and needs to be on the home page. I would have it lower on page after the user has found the information needed. 

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