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What`s the latest word on exact match domains for SEO?

What`s the latest word on exact match domains for SEO? Are they still valuable or it`s not worth it at all getting one nowadays? This is intended for a low competition keyword of around 150 monthly searches and i was wondering if it`s better to get an exact match domain or maybe a partial match one would be a better choice for better rankings without risking getting penalized by Google?
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  • Alan Bleiweiss: Just one of countless signals. Not a trusted signal by itself since so much abuse happens with spam and Exact Match domain names.
  • Micah Fisher-Kirshner: Personally, I wouldn`t do it. Instead of that if you have a group of thematically related topics, then created an overall brand site and create urls (as a subject sub directory hub) that focus on those keywords phrases instead. Better long term plan imho.
  • Michael Martinez: Technically, they never had any special value in themselves. They were promoted using exact-match anchor text. You can still get an EMD to rank well if you create good content on it. I use them all the time but never used them because of any presumed special value (there never was any).

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