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Can having a single page site hurt your SEO and ranking factor?

Can having a single page site hurt your SEO , and ranking factor
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  • Jody Nesbitt: all things being equal, yes
  • Walter Mrowczynski III: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/single-page-websites-good-bad-seo/190095/
  • Jody Nesbitt: better question is, is their a specific use case to actually create a single page site for your business, some business it works for, but you need to consider this yourself
  • Michael Martinez: Google doesn`t care how many pages you have on a site. All they care about is what you do with each page you publish. There are still many single page sites that appear at the top of search results. But the majority of the older 1-page sites were essentially spam sites. They were downgraded not because they were 1-page sites but because they were spam.
  • Ed Barnat: Interesting.
  • Sandisile Mbatha: When i say single page i mean having a bootstrap theme site with home, about us, contact us sections but on a single page index.html that load each section one after the other
  • Dawn Anderson: Depends what`s on it
  • Dido Grigorov: Yes and how it’s technically optimised :)

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