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What`s could be the best SEO strategy for a B2B startup?

Well, I am doing blog posts since last 4-5 months and all blog posts are SEO optimized as per Yoast SEO. But, still getting very less traffic and the blog is not showing on google index as well.

Platform - WordPress with free theme (Sydney)

Plugin - Yoast SEO, Insights and Mailchimp

Avg. Blog Post Words - 1000

Avg. Monthly Users - 300

Can anyone suggest what`s going wrong and What`s could be the best marketing strategy for a B2B startup? Blog Link - blog.aimagnifi.com

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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Galin Stefanov: Share the website here and most of users here will help u.
  • Galin Stefanov: WordPress has one option which enable or disable Google bot to index your website(Google it about ``WordPress discourage google bot to index``) . Check this one first and then paste your robots.txt code here.
  • Ronnie Lawson-Jones: Your content is poorly written. It’s not rocket science
  • Razvan Alexa: Did you do your keywords reseach? what volumes were you expecting?
  • Tyron Love: The content reads as if it was spun, which is one problem. The other issue may be that the the topics are already being covered by sites with original content and waaaay more authority than yours. So, hire some great writers, and make this site your life! Put all your effort into publishing the best content possible, become the next Verge.
  • Dan Thies: The topics are all over the map. Who’s your audience?
  • Srinath Rangaswamy: Instead of a subdomain, have the blog in a folder like aimagnifi.com/blog/topic This may not be possible with all technologies
  • Jody Nesbitt: yoast is not going to help you with deciding whats the right thing to rank, it will only tell you if your page is technically correct, what research did you do before you focused on getting OK from yoast

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