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I want to know the exact procedure to 301 redirect

Anyone using 301 redirects for ranking sites? I want to know the exact procedure how you redirect a domain to your money site. I already have the domain. Should I set it up first with the content and then redirect or should I redirect it directly from the domain level?

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  • Jeremy L. Knauff: If you’re using the term “money site” then your thinking on SEO is out of date by about a decade.
  • Dawn Anderson: Better things to do with your time
  • Rob Woods: If you have purchased a domain to do this you have likely wasted your time. Spend your time building a great, useful site and attracting new links
  • David Harry: What would be the point of redirecting a new site to an established site? More over, if you had a strong site, why bother redirecting either? The whole concept it nonsensical.
  • Dido Grigorov: Waste of time! Put your efforts into a well technically optimised website and s really good content strategy!
  • Tyron Love: Not a good plan, I say. My recommendation: ditch the Source Wave webinars or wherever you’re getting these ideas from.
  • Uzeir Dalip: I think even source wave has stopped using that technique. Very old school and I don`t think it works anymore. Content writing is just not realistic strategy for some business - spend your time getting strong backlinks - I have found that that is still king when it comes to ranking

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