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Can you use different location schema for separate location pages on a site?

Can you use different location schema for separate location pages on a site?
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  • Brian Michael: I mean local business schema
  • Ryan Jones: Try it and put it in the validator. I`ve spent countless hours coding into that validator and seeing what it picks up and what it doesn`t.
  • Tom Gooden: Short answer: Totally Longer answer: *To my knowledge* there is no definitive from Google as to what the best practice is for defining multiple locations as it relates to Schema. You can actually put the multiple locations in the same Schema script. When you run it through the validator it should come back as "2 Items" under local business. However, keep in mind that just because it validates it doesn`t necessarily mean it`s best or even proper practice.
  • Alan Bleiweiss: Each physical location is it`s own entity. Each deserves Schema markup.
  • Roger Montti: More Ways to Do Schema And if you have a list of locations in the footer (a good user experience feature), you can do schema markup for each location all in the footer, too. Answering the Original Question And to answer the original question: One page for each location with appropriate schema markup is ok.

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