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How should the silo look like?

This is really a dumb seo question I know ..but how should the silo look like (silo = interlinking ? ) Should the arrows (links) go up or down ? Or neither..just link relevant content ? thank you !

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  • Razvan Alexa: the interlinking should be done based on relevancy...relating articles referring to the silo as a resource, the silo referring to the related articles in order to read in more depth about particular subjects
  • Tom Gooden: Because of a nav, footer links, etc, interlinking looks more like the picture below. However, contextual interlinking within the body is a different story.
  • Kevin Carney: Generally, up.
  • Alan Bleiweiss: If you don`t link downward based on relevance , not enough value will be passed down the path. If you don`t provide breadcrumb navigation or section specific sidebar navigation to support that, you aren`t reinforcing topical organization. Beyond that, linking within content needs to exist when that also reinforces strong relevant content relationships.
  • Blake Aylott: I just started doing this to a new client`s site in January and the amount of impressions they are getting is going way up. All I did was link together all of the content together naturally. I just linked to relevant internal content where it made sense to.

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