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Backlink value from guest posting

Is it OK to make a guest post on another site using the same exact post/content that you`ve already published on your own site? Will the backlink that you gain from that guest post have as much value for off-page SEO as if the the guest post was an original article that you haven`t published on your own site (or anywhere else) already? Or you should always post original content when making a guest post in order to get the best SEO results from that backlink?
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  • Michael Martinez: Well, given that Google says this is a violation of their guidelines (regardless of whether you write original content for each guest post) it`s REALLY hard to estimate how much "SEO value" you`ll get from any such link. They could be ignored, they could help you, or they could start passing negative value. Google won`t tell you.
  • Tyron Love: I would canonicalize the guest post to the original. Why can’t you write a new, original piece for the guest post?
  • Terry Papaioannou: Thanks for the replies guys. Those guest posts have already been made so i was just wondering if the existing backlinks from those guest posts had any SEO value or none at all.

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