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What best URL structure for SEO?

What best URL structure for SEO?

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  • Dumb SEO Questions: Welcome, Andy Gomes. :) This is a good question but you`ll get a more-useful answer if you can describe the content the site is intended to serve.
  • Edvinas Pozniakas: Isn`t truth that number 1 url structure for any website is website.com/keyword/ ?
  • Andy Gomes: see i am very new in seo , i am learning from quora and reviewadda, . i want to give answer on mentioned link thatys why i asked this question: https://www.reviewadda.com/asks/what-best-url-structure-for-seo
  • Stockbridge Truslow: A lot of it comes down to just how much content you have. And ultimately, it`s not the "URL" structure that makes a big difference in ranking, but the site link structure. And, for the most part, it just makes sense for you to make your URL structure match your nav structure. You may notice, too, that where possible, Google doesn`t even show the URL path in the results. If it can figure it out and it`s done properly, they prefer to show a breadcrumb trail like in the attached picture.

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