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(TSC) Quick question about Affiliate Niche Site

Quick question about Affiliate Niche Site.

If you are building Affiliate niche site then how you build links for them and whats the best method do you guys follow ?
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  • Sasch Mayer: <div jsname="ndVxLd" data-id="z12xwzl5bvj3izo1q22bd5ijgzabhpyun#1509105088056857">The days of "Build `em Quick" affiliate sites are over. If you`re going to break into the affiliate sector, you`ll need to build a site that`s of actual value to its visitors.

    As said, read up on how to attract links. Aside from Moz and Backlinko, I`d also advise you to study Google`s Webmaster Academy.
  • Tonmoy Parves: <div jsname="ndVxLd" data-id="z12xwzl5bvj3izo1q22bd5ijgzabhpyun#1509112345674686"> Thanks buddy. As an SEO, there are still a part of Ranking sector. YES, I believe Content is king right now which was queen lol (Same thing)

    But people still is SEO industry are building links with new ways. As you mentioned Backlinko and Moz, The SEO guru`s including Neil Patel, Brain and others they are also building and buying links. Neil Patel built a niche site and sold it. I am sure that you knew about his 100K4/monthly changed.

    Neil Patel also buy links for his site. But he don`t buy links after getting some authority.

    Like: Neil Patel publish a content on his blog right now and gets a decent amount of quality links. But on the other hand, if you have the same quality content on your site, you won`t get the number of links. Caz, no body known you. So, you have to promote your content somehow.

    So, can you please share some of your Content marketing methods those you actually do and gets good result.

  • Tonmoy Parves: <div jsname="ndVxLd" data-id="z12xwzl5bvj3izo1q22bd5ijgzabhpyun#1509112412913023"> Yes I do agree. But some SEO`s are building links and outrank for some times. Any good ways to promote new fresh blog contents ?
  • Tyron Love: <div jsname="ndVxLd" data-id="z12xwzl5bvj3izo1q22bd5ijgzabhpyun#1509124746358758"> I`m a technical SEO, so link building to me is only number 7 on my priority list (I`m currently concentrating on sentiment and co-occurrence, authority, context vectors etc.). Personally I don`t like some of Neil Patel`s SEO techniques as they go against Google guidelines (I`m a career SEO, not an entrepreneur). As far as some content marketing methods: I like to curate content hubs, which is a bit easier than creating authoritative articles, videos etc. You basically research the best possible resources for a topic, then curate that research into a list, write a really good introduction and mark it up with the correct structured data. I find that these "topic hubs" rank well. Another content marketing gem is to use the holy grail of content: data! Do some really useful research into an interesting topic in your niche and present it as data visualization. News sites love this type of content because it`s factual. I`ve had some great success with this method, ensure your fact are checked though.

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